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Our story

At biyó, we are dedicated to crafting a skincare experience that is both gentle on the skin and effective in its results, utilizing the finest high-performance botanicals from organic farming. Our vision was to create a product that seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetic beauty in its packaging. With a steadfast focus on sustainably sourced ingredients and commitment to biodegradable packaging, we embody the essence of environmental stewardship. By thoughtfully considering the entire product lifecycle, Biyo ensures that our organic, sustainable, and vegan skincare solutions not only provide exceptional care for your skin but also promote a healthier planet.

"At our core, we prioritize sustainability. Our production facilities run on 100% green energy, boasting a remarkably low CO2 emission rate. We're committed to natural, certified organic, and cruelty-free practices. Our products are crafted using environmentally-friendly farming methods and packaged in materials that can be easily recycled. Your choice makes a positive impact."


With a rich background spanning over twenty years in the fashion industry, Sanne Thorsø, the founder of biyó, brings a unique blend of passion for natural beauty, skincare, and a holistic lifestyle to the forefront of the beauty world. Her journey is not just rooted in aesthetics but is deeply intertwined with a belief in the holistic approach to skincare, combining her quest for beautifully designed products and the pursuit of enchanting fragrances.