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Active Oil Blend Serum

Sale price370,00 DKK
30 ml / 1 fl oz

Active oil blend serum™️ A powerful anti age serum with organic oils & extracts to instantly comfort and regenerate the lipid barrier. Improves the look of dry and dull skin and adds moisture and balances the skin. Making your skin look dewier and more youthful.

SCENT Floral citrus
Active Oil Blend Serum
Active Oil Blend Serum Sale price370,00 DKK

Key Features of Active Oil Blend Serum™️:

  • Organic Oils and Extracts: Harnessing the power of nature, our serum is infused with a blend of organic oils and extracts. These ingredients are carefully selected for their potent properties that help in moisturizing, nourishing, and revitalizing the skin.
  • Anti-Aging Benefits: Specially formulated to combat the signs of aging, this serum works tirelessly to improve the appearance of dry and dull skin. Its rich composition aids in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin appear more youthful and radiant.
  • Instant Comfort: Upon application, the Active Oil Blend Serum™️ provides an immediate soothing effect. It's designed to comfort your skin, especially beneficial for those with dry or sensitive skin types.
  • Regenerates Lipid Barrier: A healthy lipid barrier is crucial for retaining moisture and protecting the skin from environmental stressors. Our serum supports the regeneration of this barrier, ensuring your skin remains hydrated and resilient.
  • Moisture and Balance: Not only does it add essential moisture back into the skin, but it also helps to balance it. For individuals struggling with combination skin, this serum offers a harmonious solution, leaving your skin feeling perfectly hydrated and balanced.
  • Dewier and Youthful Appearance: Achieve a dewy glow with continuous use of the Active Oil Blend Serum™️. Its hydrating formula ensures your skin looks dewier, fresher, and unmistakably more youthful.
  • Scent: The delightful floral citrus scent adds a refreshing touch to your skincare routine, making each application a luxurious experience.