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Bittersweet Scented Candle

Sale price210,00 DKK

Eco-friendly elegance of our 100% soy wax candle, meticulously hand-poured and infused with organiic essential oils. Crafted from sustainably sourced soy wax and plant-based fragrances, this candle offers a long-lasting burn with minimal soot emissions. Embrace a cleaner, greener ambiance with our ecological scented candle.


245 g glass / 150 g candle

Bittersweet Scented Candle
Bittersweet Scented Candle Sale price210,00 DKK

Discover the eco-friendly elegance of our 100% Soy Wax Candle, a testament to sustainable luxury in home fragrance. Each candle is meticulously hand-poured, ensuring a unique touch of craftsmanship. Infused with organic essential oils, our candles provide a pure, aromatic experience that elevates your space with a serene and comforting ambiance.

Crafted from sustainably sourced soy wax, our candles promise an eco-conscious alternative to traditional paraffin candles. The plant-based fragrances derived from organic essential oils fill your home with natural, captivating scents that soothe the mind and spirit. Enjoy a cleaner, greener atmosphere with minimal soot emissions, thanks to the natural composition of our candles.

“Snowing with dazzling petals on the sunny hills covered with orange trees, the wind going through the branches of neroli, made green again by the waters of spring. The bright aroma covering the region of Valencia makes you think of lost summer nights. From the intoxicating smell of the azahar a bittersweet scent will embrace you”