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Clean Body Tea

Sale price130,00 DKK

Clean body tea / tisane détoxifiante

Botanical infusion

Date (date, rice flour)* (45%), lemongrass*, Green Tea China Sencha*, nettle* (11%), mate green*, cacao nibs*, lemon peels*, natural grapefruit flavouring, marigold*, natural lemon flavouring, vanilla extract*.

* Certified organic

Clean Body Tea
Clean Body Tea Sale price130,00 DKK

Discover the Purity of Nature with Our Clean Body Tea: A Luxurious Botanical Infusion

Step into a world where wellness meets luxury with our Clean Body Tea, a meticulously crafted tisane détoxifiante designed to rejuvenate and purify your body from within.
Our Clean Body Tea is a celebration of natural purity and vitality. The blend starts with a unique base of dates and rice flour (45%), creating a sweet and smooth texture that is both comforting and indulgent. The addition of lemongrass not only brings a refreshing zest to the infusion but also aids in digestion and promotes relaxation.

Green Tea China Sencha, known for its antioxidant properties, forms the heart of this blend, offering a gentle energy boost without the harshness of traditional caffeine. Nettle, making up 11% of the blend, is a powerhouse of nutrients, known for its ability to support the body's detoxification process and improve overall health.

Mate green, a revered ingredient for its energizing qualities, complements the blend by enhancing mental clarity and focus. Cacao nibs add a touch of luxury, delivering a rich and earthy flavor along with mood-enhancing benefits.

To elevate the sensory experience, we've infused our tea with natural grapefruit and lemon flavourings,

Certified Organic for Your Peace of Mind

Every ingredient in our Clean Body Tea is certified organic, ensuring that you're sipping on nothing but the purest blend. Our commitment to organic farming means no harmful chemicals or pesticides, just the unadulterated goodness of nature.